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Choosing Your Realtor

The most important decision you will make in the sale of your home is the Realtor you choose. Some points to consider:

  • Find someone you feel comfortable with. If you donít feel you can ask questions or go to your Realtor, you have the wrong Realtor.

  • Your Realtor should show you research to back up any recommendations. This includes information about recent sales, current listings and recent expired listings in your neighbourhood.
  • Choose a local Realtor. He or she will know your area better than an outsider, will be seen as a source for people looking to relocate in your neighbourhood, and will get better co-operation from other agents. It is likely that any amount you might save by having a friend or relative from outside the area serve as your Realtor, will be lost in their lack of knowledge about the very specific local market.

  • Ask for references from the Realtor. He or she should be willing to give you names of previous clients.

  • Ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations, but make your final choice based on your needs.

  • Ask the Realtor to show you what will be done to market your home. Consider the office and company support available to him or her as well as the initiative and professionalism shown by the individual.

  • Look for a Realtor who tells you what he or she knows from experience in the market, and not what they think you want to hear. Flattery may sometimes get the listing, but it doesnít sell the home!

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